Dr. S.K Sreekumar
IVF/ Infertility Specialist

Dr. S.K. Sreekumar, MD, DGO, DRM (Germany), a Senior Consultant Gynaecologist who has specialised in infertility treatment, did his Diploma in OBG in 1989 and Masters (OBG) in 1990 from Mysore University. He has recieved extensive training, from India and abroad, in all aspects of Human Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) including IVF, ICSI & Embryo Biopsy. He practised in UK for 3 to 4 years before returning to India in 1995, to set up an infertility centre in Kerala - 'CIMAR'. CIMAR is the first centre in India to produce a baby using Recombinent FSH (Recagon). The centre also has the distinction of producing the first ICSI Babies (Twins) of Kerala. Deciding to take this technology and his expertise to different corners of India, Dr. Sreekumar established many satellite centres where patients are treated in batches held once in every month. Apart from advising these centres on patient selection, stimulation protocol, post embryo transfer and post pregnant treatment, he also performs ART procedures, which include Ovum Retrievel, IVS/ICSI, Culturing and cryopreservation of Gamates, Laser Hatching and Embryo Transfer. He is one of the few gynaecologists in India who has mastered all ART procedures apart from being a clinician. He has treated over 15000 couples by IVS/ICSI method alone, and the success rate has always been at par with the international standards.

Spreading ART

Since ART services in India are available in select cities, people have to travel great distances and bear huge expenses to avail the treatments. Realising the dearth in ART centres, Dr. Sreekumar decided to take this technology and expertise to different corners of India through satellite centres. Here, he treated patients in batches, once every month. He would visit the centre with his team and perform IVF or ICSI for patients, over a short span of 3 days. This marked a turning point in his career as he began setting up IVF centres to treat IVF patients in a camp-like manner.

Training in ART

1) Assisted Reproductive Technology, IVF - Leelamed, Pune, 1996.

2) IVF - ICSI - NURTURE, Nottingham, UK, 1997.

3) IVF - ICSI - EMBRYO BIOPSY - PGD - SIVF, Sydney, Australia, 2001.

4) IVF - ICSI - PGD - Ducth Speaking Brussels Free University, Brussels, Belgium, 2002.

5) ICSI - PGD - Genk Institute of Fertility Technology, Genk, Brussels, Belgium, 2002.

6) ICSI - PGD - Infertility Centre Of The University Clinic of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium, 2002.

7) Diploma in Reproductive Medicine - Kiel University, Kiel, Germany, 2002.

8) Masters Certificate in Reproductive Medicine & IVF. Homerton University Hospital, UK, 2016.

9) Master Certificate Course in ART and Reproductive Medicine. University of Schleswig Holstein, Kiel, Germany, 2020.

Credentials in ART

He is member of FOGSI, IFS, IAGE, ISAR, IAHR, ESHRE, ASRM etc.

He has also been a member of faculty at: University of Calcutta — Institute of Reproductive Medicine

Dr. Sreekumar is also an active member of various national and international associations such as:

National Associations:


2) ISAR (Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction)

3) IAHR (Indian Academy of Human Reproduction)

4) KAGE (Kerala Association of Gynaecological Endoscopists) IMA

International Associations:

1) ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology)

2) ALPHA (Scientists in Reproductive Medicine)

3) ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

4) ACE (Association of Clinical Embryologist, UK)

5) ISGE (International Society for Gynaecological Endoscopists)

6) BFS (British Fertility Society)

7) BAS (British Andrology Society)

8) I.S.I.V.F (International Society for In Vitro Fertilization)

Some Associated Infertility Centres.

  • LIfe Line Super Speciality Hospital, Adoor, Kerala.
  • Bellevue's Cambridge Infertility & IVF Centre Bangalore.
  • Dr. Vijaya's Infertility Centre, Cochin.
  • Fertlity Clinic, S S Hospital, Erode, TamilNadu.
  • Janani Trichy Infertility Centre, Trichy,TamilNadu.
  • Palani Balaji Fertility Centre, Palani, TamilNadu.
  • City Medical Centre, Davangere, Karnataka.