Our experience with Dr. Sreekumar and Cherish Clinic

Dearest Doctor,

Our experience with Dr. Sreekumar and Cherish clinic has been nothing short of a godly intervention. Our case was extremely complicated with numerous health conditions. My wife had gone under the knife twice already and chances were getting slimmer. It is our surgeon who recommended Sreekumar doctor and he mentioned he is among the very few specialists who get results unlike many of the brand based IVF clinics popping up in the city.

When we finally met him he was humble and very calm with his approach. Was always transparent and to the point. His facility is state of the art and often comes underplayed. It is very serene and calm adding to a conducive environment. His staff was extremely helpful and supportive making our journey to parenthood a pleasant and cherished experience (the clinic is aptly named).

We got blessed with twins and we owe our joy to Cherish, Dr. Sreekumar and his team. We strongly recommend the treatment under Dr. Sreekumar. We will be forever grateful...

Thank you Doctor Sreekumar.

Vineeth and Shemi