We heartily thank Dr. Sreekumar and his team ....

We have been trying for more than six years to have a baby. In these years we have been consulting the popular gynecologist and the so called very famous infertility centre's/hospitals. The most horrifying and painful part was that, all these infertility centre/hospitals were always crowded and there was an endless wait for the doctor and of course the doctors also had very little patience to listen to us (patients), since they keeping hopping to other centers/hospitals across the city. There were many series of tests, procedures, medicines month on month given to us, but success was no were near us, and we were running out of hopes.

We came across Cherish while searching the internet for a good fertility centre. Cherish centre had everything right for us, the location, ambience, latest facilities, less crowd, Doctor's accessibility and attention. The best part was Dr. Sreekumar and his team.

Dr. Sreekumar is a well acknowledged doctor in the field of infertility treatment and he is also a simple and down to earth person, who pays keen attention to his patients. Cherish is one among the very few centre which as the latest equipments and procedures in infertility treatment all under one roof and under the direct supervision of Dr.Sreekumar. After going through our case, he advised us IUI and took utmost care during the procedure. We were fortunate and with God's blessing we had success in the second attempt itself. Now we are blessed with a cute and healthy baby boy.

We heartily thank Dr. Sreekumar and his team for this success and brining back happiness in our life. 'Cherish' will always have a special place in our hearts, which we will cherish throughout our life.

Shankar and Uma